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THYX - The Way Home (MP3-DOWNLOAD)

Debut album von THYX. MP3 Download!!!


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Debut album von THYX. 

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01. Spoil
02. My Own Little World
03. The Way Home
04. Underdrive
05. Black Hole
06. Awesome
07. Snow In July
08. In the Past
09. Into the Realm
10. No Voices
11. Crack It




Is this really the first use of the comment field? Anyhow, the "genetic" footprint from miab is definitely in here. Driving beats, soothing chords, complex arpeggios.. All coming together in a "more is more" (as the creator puts it himself) way, compared to the much simplified electronic music you might hear elsewhere...

The overall mood of the album is more playful compared to previous (miab) albums, and I find that refreshing, though vocals sound melodically a bit more on the generic side..

I like all the tracks, but giving an extra mention to spoil, underdive and black hole.

* Long time fan, since I first heard "Stalkers" on a web-radio stream.

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