mind.in.a.box - Revelations

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The 5th mind.in.a.box album. The story will continue.. 

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01. Remember
02. Cause and Effect
03. Transition
04. Doubt
05. Control
06. Fragments
07. Unknown
08. Not Afraid
09. Second Reality
10. Sanctuary


Mastermind, singer and composer Stefan Poiss, hit the next mark together with his companion the lyricist Markus Hadwiger. They finally continue the bottom-up sci-fi story with their long awaited new release "Revelations". Hardwiger's sophisticated lyrics invite for intimate reflections. The dark fragile mix of Trance, Ambient and Electro throw the listeners out of their course of life, into a musical parallel existence, the "Dreamweb". After their first three musical sequels, "Lost Alone", "Dreamweb", "Crossroads" were extolled by the press, their last album was an ode to the early C64 computer days. With their new release "Revelations" (release date 24.01.2012), they raised the Bar and enhanced their album in all matters, without losing recognition value. Not only the Character Black is going to find his revelation in this album...

Since their early days, the duo is concerned by the systematical observation of society and the consequence on the individual minds: Lonely beings are burning out and encapsulating themselves from the society.

In 2002 they created mind.in.a.box to bring up this topics. Focusing the matter, they created a continuous story in a notional universe, corresponding to films like "Matrix" and "Blade Runner". In it, nebulous characters like Black, Night, The Informer and The Friend situated in a reduced dark world between Dreamweb and reality, the fight between the Agency and the Sleepwalkers. The listener as person always in focus. The plot in it's fourth sequel deals with the revelation of the main character Black, who was searching himself, his memory and his truth the first three sequels. Sci-fi author Andreas Gruber tells us the story in the eclectic booklet!

Due his live experience Poiss enhanced his singing on this album. The ten new compositions are more harmonic, rhythmically complex and still danceable. And precise and touching at the same time. Melodies and rhythm melt into an atmospheric and melodic universe.

to be continued....



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